Hello UHPCO and UAHC Membership and friends, 
As many of you are already aware, our two organizations have been working together towards an official merger, which we are confident will better represent the needs of our collective members, and of the individuals and communities that we serve. Benefits of combining include enhanced educational experiences, improved community outreach and messaging, a stronger voice for advocacy with State and National Representatives, and much more! 
UHPCO’s and UAHC’s Boards anticipate that the merger will be completed under a new entity name by the end of 2019, with regular periodic updates to be shared with members. In the meantime, everything is business as usual, with one significant and sad exception. As the Boards have discussed the aims of the new entity and future expanded needs from the Executive Director position with our Director, Beth Noyce, we came to the shared understanding that Beth’s current situation would not support growth needed within the continued role. Consequently, we are initiating a search for a new Director who will be able to assist with the merger and beyond. Please click here to see the job description and share with those in your professional network who may be interested. Resumes can be sent directly to Clay Watson (clay@wsrehab.com) and/or Katie Boner (chaplainkb@gmail.com), or interested parties can apply directly through Indeed.com
We love Beth and are extremely appreciative for her work with our organizations during the past two years. We would not be where we are today without the passion and hard work of many visionaries. These are exciting times, and we hope to engage everyone who has the interest to improve services. Every person matters. Whether they need services in the city, in our rural communities, our goal is to reach all who need the help, and leave no one feeling alone.  Please reach out to us and become involved. If you have an interest in applying for the Executive Director Position, we strongly encourage you to do so. If there is a different capacity that you would like to participate in on the Board or on a committee, reach out.
Thank you for all you do EVERY DAY for those you serve. 
Looking forward, 
Katie Boner, UHPCO President
Matt Hansen, UAHC President