Missing out on this year’s convention would be scary, indeed. 

Believing you don’t need more hospice-industry wisdom is just witch-ful thinking. Sign up now!

Don’t make me call my flying monkeys!

With so many treats afoot (and no tricks, mind you) you won’t dare to miss this chance to learn, eat, drink, and be scary (or not).

I, for one, have a dysfunctional crystal ball that is no help with medical review answers, elder law, opioid & cannabis issues, defeating unseen challenges, gifts vs. burdens in caregiving, self-care, compassion fatigue, IDG leadership magic, unbelieving bereavement, survey updates . . . you name it! I need old-school keynote addresses and breakout sessions. 

Need more motivation? You can earn a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes from UHPCO’s community partners, including a new laptop from Specialty Infusion Pharmacy.

Hospice must be haunted because every time we turn around, the changes scare us silly! Come to the UHPCO Convention Tuesday and Wednesday to learn from the wisest wizards ever assembled.

Register now, before the witching hour!

If I could, I’d offer flying lessons with a free broom to get you there. But alas, I had to trade in my Thunderbolt for an earth-hugging robot vacuum. No more Quidditch for me. Besides, there’s plenty of free parking for your muggle-mobile at the conference center.  

Be there, or else! Ahem, or else you won’t earn those 11 CEUs you need.

I’ll be watching for you at the SLCC Miller Conference Center. By then I’ll be back to a witch in disguise. Good thing the convention’s not today. I’m scary enough without my costume!

Happy haunting tonight! See you next week.

Advance draft UHPCO Convention At A Glance 2018 w intros