Nov. 6-7, 2018 Annual Convention Vendor Booth and Sponsorshop Registration

Vendor Booth Information

Vendor booth includes: one 6’ table, 2 chairs, complimentary meals for 2 attendees per day. Booth space is assigned by UHPCO. Changes will be made as deemed necessary. Every consideration will be given to place competing vendors away from one another.

You can’t miss this convention!

Member Vendor Booth Registration

If you are a current UHPCO member and you want a booth, click the button below.

Non-Member Vendor Booth Registration

Need a booth but are not a current member? That is OK too! Just click the button below.

Non-booth Sponsorship Opportunities

Keynote Sponsorship

This is for those who wish to be a keynote sponsor but do not plan on having a vendor booth.

Meal Sponsorship

Don’t plan on having a vendor booth but still want to be one of our meal sponsors? You are in the right place.

Brochure Insert Sponsorship

Not going to have a vendor booth but want to have your brochure inserted into the welcome packet and seen by all attendees?