Mission, Vision, and Founder

Vivian R. Curry

Vivian R. Curry is a hospice care expert who has been helping patients suffering from a terminal illness for over 15 years. She started her work here in Utah in the early 1990s. Since then, she has helped families and terminal care patients to cope with the final moments of a patient’s life. Based on this experience, she founded the Utah Hospice Care, where hundreds of patients have been assisted. Many charitable organizations have recognized her work. As a result, our hospice care is supported by hundreds of well-wishers and donors from across America and worldwide.


Our mission is to provide specific medical services. We believe that any human being requires dignity during their last days on this planet. This philosophy is reflected in our staffing patterns and our approach to hospice care.

For instance, one of the hospice care services we offer is palliative care. We offer this type of hospice care to people who require symptom management and a comfortable place to manage their illness. Palliative care is a flexible type of hospice care that can be done at the hospital or home. We do not intend to cure cancer or any other terminal illness you are suffering from. Our job is to prevent and alleviate side effects and symptoms so that you can live each day happily.


Our hospice care vision is based on years of managing terminal patience. We explain each option to our patients and involve them in the planning of their hospice care. Our professional caregivers are also trained to provide spiritual nourishment and emotional and social support.



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