"There is an end to CURE. But, There is no end to CARE."

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a type of care that is concerned with the quality of symptoms management. It is mostly oriented towards individuals suffering from terminal and acute illness. Hospice care can improve the quality of life for these patients in the last phases of their lives to live comfortably.

Our philosophy at our hospice care facility is that the final life stages should be lived fully and with happiness. We are not trying to hasten or stop the inevitable death. Instead, our experts put a lot of work into managing and alleviating symptoms so that a person can enjoy their last days with dignity.

We also believe that hospice care should be family-centered. That is because a person’s last days should be spent with his or her loved ones. That is why our hospice care is usually provided at home or nursing home near the patient’s family.

Should You Consider Hospice Care?

When should you contact us for hospice care? Hospice care should be considered when your loved one’s medical condition reaches a point where it can no longer be controlled or cured. Generally, the family should begin contacting a hospice Care facility when they have been informed that their loved one has less than six months to live. We encourage people to have a family discussion and consult medical experts before initiating hospice care.

Putting your loved one in a hospice care facility does not mean that you have given up hope. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why hospice care rarely starts early enough. Instead, hospice care is a loving commitment to give your loved one a compassionate life for each of their last days.

Some doctors may not talk about hospice care when discussing terminal illness. It is up to the patient or a family member to enquire about hospice care. If your treatment is not producing positive results, you should consult a doctor or request a family member to make hospice care arrangements.

Coordinated Care

Our hospice care teams coordinate all care for every single second of the day. We have a team of nurses, doctors, and spiritual experts working together to help the patient. We also hire funeral directors, pharmacists, community professionals, and inpatient facility cleaners. This means that there will always be a person nearby to assist you with whatever issue you are going to. We also use technology to keep your family updated.

How to Donate

The number of terminal patients we help has dramatically increased since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. That is because many hospitals are now focusing their energy on coronavirus patients, leaving dying patients with no one to care for them. As a result, our resources are stretched thin. We hope you will chip in and help us provide the best care for our terminal patients.

You can donate by sending us a banker’s draft, writing a check, or even through PayPal. Contact us to learn how you can join this noble cause.

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